What is a Shower base kit? Is it essential?

Shower base kits are an attractive alternative to building a shower pan. These are a good substitute for the traditional cement mortar bed and curb because they are easy to install, as they are ready for you to drop in and use. 

This eliminates the need to pour concrete and carefully measure your slope to ensure you meet the ¼ inch fall per 12 inch run, as the shower base kit will already have the perfect slope to avoid drainage issues.

The pre-attached curbs and flanges fit most common floor sizes and orientations.  This makes them a convenient option for most shower plans.  It is also worth considering the benefits to using the kit as a substitute for the shower pan liner. 

This is because shower pan liners can easily be torn, punctured, or otherwise damaged during installation. This can create a problem with water drainage and of course worse – damage.  If the water is not properly guided to the drain, it could cause water damage, including damage from mold and mildew.

Shower base kits are suitable for a variety of tile options.  You will not be limited in the finishing options available for the shower floor and the impact it will have on the décor.  They are wonderful for using ceramic, quarry, cement body tile, and even paver tiles.  You can also us impervious porcelain, brick and stone veneers, cement based precast terrazzo, and both gauged and ungauged stone tiles.  Most kits have no minimum tile size requirements. 


The only limit put on the tiling is your creativity and imagination. If the floor is suitable for a shower pan, it will be suitable for the use of a shower base kit, as you can use it on any level substrate that you would normally build on. 

Along with many other common options, this includes concrete, an approved plywood surface, or a secured backer board. The foundation that shower base kits provide is very reliable.  It is quite durable, and will serve you well in the years to come.

Shower base kits also save you time during construction. You will not need to wait for days for a cement bed to cure. You will be able to complete this project in one day and move onto tiling your shower floor immediately, saving you time and money. 

The time needed to install it will be far less than a shower pan, and you will be able to complete the project faster with the ability to go straight to tiling and skip waiting for the cement to cure.

Consider the benefits of a shower base kit which includes sower valve and panel. The ease of installation and the reliability are well worth the investment. There is also the added advantage of completing the project in the same day, which can save you days of waiting for materials to cure. This will keep the project moving along and you will be enjoying your fabulous new shower faster than you would if you were using a traditional shower pan.